Relationship anxiety, signs, and ways to overcome it!

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5 min readNov 11, 2021

The blog was written with the expert guidance and feedback of Mrs. Suvethaa V.

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Ever had second thoughts on decisions regarding your respective careers and relationships?

Firstly, to clear the air, it’s not a bad thing to question the choices you make. In such situations, it’s important to analyse if it’s costing your peace of mind, health, and sanity. Though Relationship anxiety is not a clinical disorder, it can contribute to other psychological issues in the future.

The battle between if you’re being clingy with a certain someone or pushing them away is tedious. Which is why, we’re here to brainstorm some of the techniques you can adapt to evaluate your relationship with your partner, your family, and yourself. Remember, this does not mean you’re in a bad or a toxic relationship as often, fear and worry can get the best of us.

Read through some of the signs for the same!

1) Commitment phobia!

Sometimes, investing yourselves in a relationship is hard when you’re unsure of the outcome. Things change and people grow, so placing a label on relationships could get you sweating buckets instantly.

2) When things get serious

Your relationship radar works so well when it comes to identifying if your S.O. is falling head over heels for you. In such cases, you don’t hesitate to pick yourself and walk away!

3) Afraid to share your feelings

If you’re reluctant to express your needs and desires to your partner or a friend, chances are you might be experiencing relationship anxiety

4) Always questioning your partners intentions

Major trust issues due to experiences in the past, can lead you to develop negative thoughts on the relationship and where it is going. Eventually you begin to question every move your partner makes. Can the relationship get any more toxic?

5) Small differences equals bigger problems

Sometimes, a rough spat with your partner might get you thinking if it’s best to end the relationship rather than a solution to fix the issue. Usually in such cases, running away from problems is your go to move.

6) Overthinking!

There’s no doubt that your mind could be your best friend and your biggest enemy from time to time. Unwanted thoughts begin to flourish and you begin to feel like your relationship is taking a rocky road aka self sabotage!

7) More worries, less happiness

You know your relationship is in trouble when you spend more time worrying about the negatives than enjoying the best parts.

Relationship anxiety is purely caused due to attachment issues, PTSD or trauma, neglect or even self esteem issues to an extent. There are several ways to overcome which are listed below:

1) Identify the root cause of your problem

Sit with yourself and see through the main reasons that may have triggered your relationship anxiety. It could be connected to your past or your current situation. Make a list if needed and write down your analyses. Sometimes, we learn more about ourselves when we focus on how to move forward with our issues and grow.

2) Be honest with yourself!

Plenty of people are always there to give you the best advice and solutions to your problems. But at the end of the day, you hold the key that opens doors! Be honest about your feelings, talk to yourself more. Remember, you always know what you want, you’re just scared to take the lap of faith.

3) Pamper yourself

When you feel like your anxiety is controlling your brain and body, it’s time to rejuvenate. Go to that spa, get a haircut or take that long hot shower! Whatever you need to do to make yourselves feel better — JUST DO IT! Only you know what you are going through, so treat yourselves right and take some time off! It’s good to shut down once in a while.

4) Build trust with yourself and the people around you

Trusting someone doesn’t happen overnight but trust can be built with practice. Hangout with your peers, get to know them, listen to their stories, and share yours too! It will be hard to trust someone easily, but with practice, you will develop habits to connect more with your partner or even your family.

5) Address issues or conflicts in a relationship

If you feel like something is wrong with your partner’s involvement in the relationship, don’t hesitate to talk about it. Silencing yourself can lead to resentment and mental breakdown, thereby affecting your state of mind. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship and a sit down with your partner on a weekly basis, to discuss likes, dislikes and what you prefer or don’t, can go a long way.

6) Your thoughts are opinions, not facts

There’s no doubt that your feelings are valid but remember that they don’t necessarily have to be the truth. Always try your best to refrain from developing negative thoughts about your relationship and give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Listening can help you understand the core reasons for your relationship anxiety.

7) Appreciate what you have

Try to be thankful to your partner for the little things they do for you. It might not seem a lot, but gratitude can grant a smooth turn in your relationship. You will notice that your partner begins to feel appreciated and will return the same level of gratitude to you. This way you will get the assurance, (most indirectly) that it’s all good and nothing to worry about.

8) Talk to licenced therapist

It’s good if you feel better with the above-mentioned tips, but if you need professional help please reach out to the CareMe Health team! We have a brilliant team of licensed professionals who are highly qualified clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, to help you deal with issues pertaining relationship anxiety!

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